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lundi 27 mai 2019

A human chain to Colonia

Story starts on a cold winter's night, amond the pilots of the Ice Storm Squadron, our dear Commander Kayuron had a bit crazy idea.
This idea was to set a supply chain between LHS 3447 and Colonia.
Why? What's on Colonia?

Many projects are already on going, aiming to upgrade this area with diferents games mechanics and Community Goals such as the one on going at the 12/3302. Colonia's system is a new born system. Implemented to become soon a second human bubble, so new opportunities to satisfy your sense of adventure. Many projects are born last weeks such as the Chrismas Carrier Convoy to which the LOSP and others members of the community are involved in.

But let's back to the point: the project here is the CHC: the Colonia Human Chain.

CHC's principle

A CG is curently occuring for Colonia that consist in bringing there a special commodity called "Galactic travel Guide".
The idea is to set up a huge supply chain with the help of the community.
Each chain's link would have to do trips and returns on a 1000LY distance (estimated) and would give the packets to the next rally points.

The Galactic Guides are only available by 10T lots per ships. By joigning us we will help you to load even more and to became a link of the first inter human bubbles's chain.

A french community's pilots human chain between LHS 3447 and Colonia.


In order to not flood the community's TS during this singular event, Duita has arranged for the community a "Discord" room.
We had, indeed, to set up a tailored communication strategy, offering both text and vocals channel, exclusively for the "CHC" and "Edge Fraternity".

Follow the link to join our Discord:
And sign up to CHC by filling the followed form.
French speeking skills may be required...

Click to enlarge.

Organisation and communication between the pilots will be crucial for the sucess of this adventure!


In short, it will be necessary to have at least 22 pilots, with heavy carriers able to jump on a reasonable distance (Anaconda,Type 7, ASP EXPLORER, and even Type 6) for an average jump range of 30 LY.
Our hope would be to organize several groups departures.
1 group of 22 pilots is already almost ready on the 06/12/3302.

Transfers will require:
1°) A replanishment flow of collector drones to inject them al along the supply chain.
2°) A pilot each 1000LY segment, pilots being distributed depending on the class of their ship:

Smallest carriers (T6 or ASP Explorers)fitted for exploration with a good jump range (aproximately 25 - 30 LY) will takes place on the whole chain.
The big carriers (anacondas) will takes place on equidistant points, at the supply points.

Considering that we need a 1T drone to transfer 10T of cargo, we have to understand that we will need at least 10T of drones to transfer the 80T of cargo on the whole chain.

80T = 10T of drones used for the injection + 70T of galactic guides.
+10T of drones for the first trip of each pilots.

*See the small infography "proceeding" above.

Technicals choices

The route

Each system and outposts are linked to a number. You will find those numbers on the text channels of the Edge fraternity - CHC's discord.


If you need some help, send a message in the "assistance" channel, pilots involved in the project will try to help you...

Communication is the key for everyone to manage their own path and their cargo, giving the chain the ability to evolve from the number of pilots involved.

Your ship may have to stay up to one week so serve as a relay on the road to Colonia.

Expect that the further you will be from each others, the longer you will stay alone in the dark and cold space :) So to avoid to turn in The professor from Fort Boyard, you may as exemple (in case of increesed waiting time for the cargo to arrive at an exchange node) take some missions at the planetary outposts close to your location, or take the opportunity to retrieve some exploration datas.

Be aware: There is only planetary outposts between the 2 human bubbles. So you will need the Horizon DLC to land there, but you can get involved in the CHC without horizon!

Required ships:
T6, ASP Explorer and T7 for the modest budgets, and anacondas for the richest ones. Each chain's link is important. We are already counting on 4 anacondas pilots that will be spread at regular intervals with an emergency stock of 10T drones, to help in case of problem in the firsts cycles. (See "Supply").

Here after some exemples of fittings for...





To get at your position, you might use the "neutron highway" that will give you the ability to win time, mainly for the ships having to place themselves between the middle of the chain and colonia.

Final word from the organizers:

The french community's mobilisation on this crazy project may have a huge impact on his visibility, and makes us part in the goal of entertainment and passion that unite us in this game.
Nearing Christmas and waiting for the next updates this project is here to offer you the opportunity to get involved in a great adventure and may be to create a new home for you if we win the CG in the name of the Edge Fraternity that gather the members from ED.fr.

The objective is simply to have fun, participate in an uncommon and unseen project. We would be the firsts to realize such organisation and such efficiency! This is the only reward we can expect from our/your involvement.

To commanders ships, form wings, to the HORIZON(Elite ltd) !

List of the groups involved in the project:

Mission badges:

Support CHC project, JOIN US!
(Follow the link to find more about our comunity)

Redactors: Commandants Kayuron, Resmosys, Krysar, Knils_Nodantasee and Arkorrigan.

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