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vendredi 25 septembre 2020
Mise à jour du Forum & Site (Fin Mai 2019) (10 Mai 2019)

Bonjour à tous et à toutes !

Voici une note importante concernant la mise à jour du site jusqu'en Octobre 2019...
Quelques changements importants dans l'équipe au niveau des rôles et une absence...

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file April update Patch 1

Plus d'informations
il y a 1 an 4 mois - il y a 1 an 4 mois #246697 par Cruchot
April update Patch 1 a été créé par Cruchot
Patch 1 sorti

Patch notes du fofo officiel:

Greetings Commanders,

The Elite Dangerous servers will be offline for all platforms from tomorrow morning (2 May) starting at 09:30 AM (UTC) for approximately 30 minutes to apply a minor update containing fixes and improvements.

Thank you for your patience.

Please find the full patch notes below:

Commodities Market
Stopped allowing players to attempt to buy more goods from a market than it can actually supply
Increased the acceleration when choosing the quantity of commodity when buying or selling
The sell pop up now defaults to max amount of the chosen commodity you're carrying
If the player is currently docked at the station that is also set as the saved comparison market, the comparison column and its header will update and use the galactic average prices to calculate the profits
If the player doesn't have Horizons, planetary surface markets are not considered when looking for best prices in the 'also consumed by' / 'produced by' lists
Fixed a crash that could occur when using the FSS mode
Fixed a crash that could occur when exiting the game
Fixed a crash that could occur when sat in a dock
Damage Balancing
Fixed issue that caused more damage to be applied to SRVs when in multiplayer sessions
Reverted changes made to the Drag Munitions special in the initial April Update release
Fix new Codex discovery notifications not displaying in the cockpit UI when proximity scanning or using the discovery scanner's system scan to discover all stars in a system
Galaxy Map
Added a background to the control key along the bottom of the screen, to increase readability whilst in lighter areas of the map
Added in a decrease button when removing cargo from your ship, even when at 1, so that players can quickly select the maximum amount they hold
Knowledge Base
Fixed missing non-English VO for knowledge base articles
Main Menu
Fixed inconsistencies in options order between main menu and pause menu
Fixed the module tab not updating in real time when modules have been shut down due to power usage
Stopped module priorities being reset to 1 during FSD transitions
Stopped the Shield Generator module from turning back on (when deactivated) during FSD transitions
Removed the synthesis recipe that was being mistakenly applied to the Enforcer Cannon
Fixed an issue where Enforcer Cannons would erroneously report that they could carry more ammo than they could
Navigation Panel
Increased the font size for the remaining number of jumps
Fixed missing 'clear filter' option from the SRV
Bookmarked locations will now have an icon to show it's marked
Selection UI will now stop at the top and bottom of the list of locations, whilst scrolling through them. A subsequent press of the button will then wrap around to the top/bottom.
Added text to explain if a stellar body requires a permit
Fixed the frame rate loss when the 'FX' graphical setting was set to anything other than 'off'
Pilots' Federation District
Added system descriptions to the galaxy map
Pilot's Handbook
Fixed various typos and formatting issues
Added links from the mission detail screen to relevant handbook articles
Added an 'Exit' button which will quit out of the Codex completely, rather than go back one page
Player Journal


Starport Services
'Re-stock all' option now works correctly
Supercruise Assist
Fixed the keybinding for toggling orbit lines on/off not working whilst Supercruise Assist is active
Fixed an issue that caused the 'target obscured' message to not appear when a Nav Beacon was obscured by a star
Stopped prompts appearing whilst in FSS mode
Server Fixes
Re-enabled Codex discoveries for terraformable and non-terraformable ammonia worlds
Implemented an automatic disconnect when a player is removed from a private group they're currently flying in
Fixed ellipsis character on the main menu news in Russian
Fixed faction reputation and career rank changes from completing objectives at installations, megaships and Conflict Zones
Server fixes released since April Update launched
Fixed a number of causes for unable to load Commander data from the main menu
Tiana Fortune's medium and large landing pads should now be usable again
Fixed the Galaxy Map's planet port commodity filter
Fixed a number of performance & stability issues
Dernière édition: il y a 1 an 4 mois par Cruchot.
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